ELITE Global Marketing Alliance

Introducing a new and innovative luxury hotel representation concept designed for boutique hotels, five-star resorts, Michelin-star restaurants, private clubs, deluxe villas and other luxury products and services. The alliance is comprised of a number of prominent hotel representation companies located in the most viable luxury markets throughout the world. The first-ever ‘à-la-carte menu’ of sales, marketing and public relations services was established to provide all member hotels represented within the global alliance an opportunity to improve their international business, at a fraction of the normal cost.

“The Elite Global Marketing Alliance and ‘à-la-carte menu’ of sales, marketing and PR services is one of the most innovative concepts introduced to the travel industry in twenty years…”

Joseph A. Giacoponello

Former President and CEO of The Leading Hotels of the World, Ltd. 1976-1998

The new Elite Global Marketing Alliance will provide Elite member hotels a unique opportunity to expand their sales, marketing and public relations activities within some of the most viable luxury travel markets. At a fraction of the normal cost, our global partners will make available a variety of sales, marketing and PR services for Elite member hotels.

Global Market Access though the Global Marketing Alliance:
Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Venezuela, Peru, Colombia, Uruguay, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, England, Japan, China (including Hong Kong), South East Asia (Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines), India and Middle East (Arabic Gulf – GCC Countries).

Global Alliance Partners

Mason Rose:      Market – United Kingdom

Mason Rose represents international luxury hotels, properties, profiles and brands to the UK marketplace through sales, marketing and public relations. Seeing a niche in the luxury travel market for an agency that offered a different approach, luxury travel expert Tanya Rose set up Mason Rose in 1993. Her foresight, understanding of travel trends and consumer insights quickly made Mason Rose the agency of choice for top hotels and brands around the world. Under a team of unmatched experts and professionals, Mason Rose has become one of the only agencies to offer integrated sales, marketing and PR services to the luxury travel and lifestyle industry, amassing an enviable portfolio of international hotels and global brands.

Cinnamon Circle:      Market – Germany, Switzerland and Austria

Cinnamon Circle is a modern media public relations agency that specializes in representing international luxury hotels in the German-language market addressing passionate travelers and industry specialists alike. Cinnamon Circle provides partner hotels with access to travel agents, tourism experts and hundreds of journalists covering the travel and lifestyle segment. Cinnamon Circle gives hotels direct access to potential guests from around the world. Cinnamon Circle was founded by Manuela Weber who has 16 years of marketing experience in the international hotel industry and Joern Pfannkuch who has worked in journalism, new media and the luxury hotel industry for 25 years.

Hotel International Partners – HIP Hotels:      Market – Brazil and Spanish-speaking countries of South America

HIP Hotels was founded in 2004 by Ligia Danesi. Mayra Iguchi soon joined the company thereafter. Today, they run one of the top representation companies in South America providing sales, marketing and public relations services for the luxury hotel and lifestyle market. TI Communications is HIP’s PR and communications agency. It designs customized press actions that help hotels gain exposure in Brazil’s top media outlets. Personal Hotel Consultants (PHC) is an affiliate company based in Buenos Aires which works in the same core business as HIP, developing the South American markets outside of Brazil (Argentina, Chile, Venezuela, Peru, Uruguay, Mexico and Colombia). Together, HIP and PHC cover the most important markets in South America for the outbound luxury travel segments.

Personal Hotel Consulting:      Market – Spanish-speaking countries in South America (and Mexico)

Personal Hotel Consulting (PHC) is a leading sales and marketing agency and affiliate company of Hotel International Partners based in Buenos Aires. The companies’ work in the same core business, developing the South American markets outside of Brazil (Argentina, Chile, Venezuela, Peru, Uruguay, Mexico and Colombia). Together, HIP and PHC cover the most important markets in South America for the outbound luxury travel segments.

The Unique Tourism Collection:      Market – Australia and New Zealand

The Unique Tourism Collection is the leading tourism marketing representation company in Australia and New Zealand offering specialized sales, marketing and PR services for the consumer and trade sectors. The Unique Tourism Collection represents only the best in luxury, unique and experiential destinations, airlines, hotels, resorts, DMCs and other tourism products who are seeking to increase their profile and build their relationships. Founded in 1992 by Jonica Paramor, the company offers an integrated marketing representation of public relations, social media, advertising and travel trade sales and marketing destination representation.

Lobster Experience:      Market – Germany, Switzerland and Austria

Lobster Experience is a sales, marketing and public relations company specializing in the luxury travel segments located in the German-speaking countries in Europe. The Lobster Group unites the companies Lobster Experience, Little Lobster, Lobster Communications, Lobster Events, Lobster Destinations and Lobster Luxury Academy. Their service is multi-faceted and their long-standing industry relationships include the most important tour operators, travel agencies, hotel partners and media partners. Astrid Oberhummer and Andreas Mueller founded the company in 2007. Together they created a company that revolutionizes luxury tourism in the German-speaking markets and offers innovative sales and marketing approaches for the renowned luxury hotels from around the globe.

Destination Elite:      Market – Asia Pacific

Destination Elite is the premier sales, marketing and PR agency in Asia specializing in the luxury travel and lifestyle industry. Destination Elite also maintains one of the leading real-time online reservation systems for luxury hotels, resorts and villas. Destination Elite created a subsidiary company named Elite Reps: a number of sales, marketing and public relations companies located throughout Asia-Pacific (China, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, India, Australia, New Zealand and Middle East) with extensive experience and knowledge in the luxury hotel industry. Elite Reps specialize in sales, marketing and public relations services within their regions. Destination Elite was founded by an industry veteran who has great experience in defining true luxury experiences. Mark Greedy, the CEO, has over 30 years experience, and for the last 12 years was Vice President of Asia Pacific for The Leading Hotels of the World.

Elite Reps (subsidiary of Destination Elite)

SG Luxe Collection:      Market – Southeast Asia

SG Luxe Collection is a dynamic boutique sales, marketing and public relations representation and consultancy company specializing in the luxury hospitality, tourism and lifestyle markets. SG Luxe Collection provides a bespoke comprehensive solution to clients’ sales, marketing and public relations needs by developing customized business strategies. Shiela Gomez established SG Luxe Collection after 20 years of extensive experience in senior leadership positions ranging from sales, marketing, branding, partnerships and public relations in both Asia-Pacific and global roles for some of the most prominent international hotel and hospitality companies. Shiela’s extensive experience and knowledge in the luxury travel industry make SG Luxe Collection a leader in luxury hotel and hospitality representation services within the South-East Asian travel market (Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and Philippines).

Nijhawan Group:      Market – India & Middle East

Nijhawan Group has over 35 years of experience in India. The company is one of the leading travel conglomerates in India and has vast diversified entities within the travel industry. The company maintains over 850 employees and 45 offices across India, Far East, Middle East, Africa and Europe. Nijhawan Group represents the leading hospitality brands of the world in India. The Nijhawan Group also operates the leading sales, marketing and PR company within the luxury travel industry across India. Marketing activities include tradeshow management, road shows, public/media relations, electronic marketing, advertising plans and promotions.

Azure Global:      Market – China, including Hong Kong

Azure Global is a premier boutique service provider for the tourism and destination marketing sector in Greater China (including Hong Kong). The company provides a one-stop shop, developing cost-effective innovative programs that drive outbound Chinese tourism to businesses, destinations or products. Over the years, the company has developed an in-depth understanding of the target market segment in these key Chinese markets: the “high-yield”, urban wealthy, well-educated, digitally-suave consumer. Most importantly, they know how to target this niche market (luxury travelers within China) via coordinated marketing programs both online and through the consumer and trade media. With offices located in “first-tier” Chinese cities, the Azure Global team has direct access to the key stakeholders in the government, travel trade, airline industry and media.

Inspired Luxury:      Market – Australia and New Zealand

Inspired Luxury is one of the leading hotel representation companies in Australia and New Zealand. The company was conceived from a passion with over thirty years of researching, inspecting, training and promoting some of the world’s most extraordinary luxury products and hidden treasures across all corners of the globe. Launching these inspirational life experiences, identifying the authenticity of each product and creating individual strategies and customized services has become a life’s work for the founder and CEO, Lynne Ireland. Working with world-renowned luxury brands has brought Lynne a wealth of understanding of the changing needs of the luxury sector, leading edge strategies and the importance of strong relationships.

R Project Incorporated:      Market – Japan

“Omotenashi” – a new world standard in hospitality. The Japanese have “omotenashi spirit,” the ancient and refined “spirit of hospitality.” R Project Incorporated aims to attract the global hospitality industry by informing the world about this proud omotenashi tradition. The company’s mission is to contribute widely to the Japanese economy and regional economy in the future by putting this essential element of Japanese culture – omotenashi – on the global stage. R Project Incorporated is the leading sales, marketing and public relations company in Japan specializing In the art of luxury travel. R Project Incorporated was founded by Hiroki Fukunaga, who has an extensive and illustrious career in the luxury hospitality industry.

The Travel Collection:      Market – Arabian Gulf / Middle East

The Travel Collection is a sales and marketing representation company specializing in promoting unique luxury hotels, resorts and cruises to travelers from the Arabic Gulf. The company operates out of offices in Dubai and Bahrain and offers comprehensive regional sales and marketing solutions within the GCC countries. The Travel Collection has represented a number of world-renowned luxury hotel collections. The Travel Collection was founded 11 years ago by Jacqueline Campbell. Jacqueline has over 20 years of experience in the hotel industry having held managerial positions in a number of luxury hotels, resorts and hotel collections around the world. Jacqueline is the Managing Director headquartered in Dubai. Mark Senior is the Account Director for the office located in Bahrain. Mark has over 10 years of experience in the Arabian Gulf and 30 years of experience in the international travel and tourism sector.

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Global Marketing Alliance – Sales and Marketing Services Available to Member Hotels

Organize sales appointments at the top travel companies

Escort hoteliers on sales appointments

Press releases

Newsletters and e-Promotions

Organize sales and marketing events for travel agency owners, managers and consultants

Organize familiarization trips for travel agency owners, managers and consultants

Represent hotel/resort at any major trade show or industry event

Develop customized sales and marketing strategies

Access to representation company showcases, road shows and other marketing events

Hotel consultation

Global Marketing Alliance – PR Services Available to Member Hotels

Press trips and press tours

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Template PR programs

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