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A destination management company (DMC) operating since 2013, Travel Design holds high-quality service and customer satisfaction at its top priority.

The team of experienced and multi-lingual professionals at Travel Design are committed to building lasting relationships with clients and suppliers alike, and the company is consistently exploring new ways to provide enhanced experiences for its clients through its innovative and custom-designed programs – many experiences of which are exclusive for Travel Design and afford unique opportunities that might otherwise be impossible.  There are no “cookie cutter” programs here.

True to Travel Design’s dedication to quality service and customer satisfaction, travelers and travel advisors alike can be assured that travelers are well looked-after while in-country, with a VIP airport meet and greet, a complimentary cell phone for domestic calls to ensure travelers can easily contact in-country support and their expert guide at any time, a daily report sent to the advisor, and phone call check-ins to ensure travelers’ satisfaction.  With Travel Design you are well looked-after throughout every step of your journey.

From finding unique venues, to organizing tailored, immersive itineraries, to managing events, Travel Design offers a comprehensive range of services that satisfy a wide range of desires and requirements.


Climate and Geography
The landscapes of Morocco are truly spectacular and offer a diverse range of climates and vistas – from the Mediterranean Sea, to the Atlantic Ocean, to the Atlas Mountains and Rif, to the vast sands of the Sahara desert.  With the help of the professionals at Travel Design,  your dreams to discover the varied landscapes of Morocco are about to be turned into breathtaking reality.

History and Culture
Morocco is a melting pot of cultural influences.  From Roman remains,  to architectural landmarks that attest to the country’s former French existence, to the numerous historical Muslim treasures throughout the country, visitors to Morocco enjoy the unique experience of exploring the varied, inspiring and enduring examples of the many dynasties that have ruled the country throughout history.

A Futuristic Modern Society
Tradition and modernity come together to create the unique and exotic character of Morocco – a country that has found a way to blend its rich history and cultural traditions with forward-thinking modern amenities and conveniences.

1001 Moroccan Delight
Moroccan culture is a fascinating blend of diverse civilizations including Berber, Arab, French, Roman, Moorish, Andalusian, and Ottoman – each contributing to the country’s rich culinary heritage.

In addition to the many prestigious awards Moroccan cuisine has received over the years, Moroccan couscous was recently added to UNESCO’s list of Intangible Cultural Heritage, solidifying the country’s reputation as a culinary destination.


Whether your travel plans are for a romantic honeymoon, a city break, a family holiday or  a small group tour, solo travel or a wellness getaway – options for a memorable journey into the heart of Morocco abound.

Tailored experiences focused on Culinary Expeditions,  Active Journeys,  Royal Experiences, 1001 Nights, Berber Trails, Photography, and Arts & Crafts – just to name a few – ensure that there is truly something for everyone to enjoy as they become immersed in the many alluring aspects of Morocco.

Be inspired with sample itineraries and begin planning your journey today.

Start planning your unforgettable journey into the heart of Morocco today:

Travel Design
172 AV Abdelkrim Khattabi Premium
Atlas Business Center N 21
Marrakech, 40000, Morocco

Phone:  +212 525 168 042 landline / +212 660 305 536

Travel Design
172 AV Abdelkrim Khattabi Premium
Atlas Business Center N 21
Marrakech 40000, Morocco | Marrakech, Morocco
+212 660 305 536